Candlelight vigil for Esha (11/12/08)











Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent than the one derived from fear of punishment.” 

* Mohandas Gandhi  

The candlelight vigil at CSUN went off as planned. There was plenty of music, poetry and heartfelt words of love and support for Esha Momeni, who was released on bail from an Iranian prison. There is some hope that Esha may be allowed to return to the United States fairly soon, but we will not relax in our efforts to keep her case in the spotlight until we see her beautiful smile once again . . . .

Here are some excerpts from a report published by the L.A. Times on November 11th:

Reporting from Tehran and Beirut — A Cal State Northridge graduate student who was arrested in Iran last month was released on $200,000 bail Monday, her father said. 

 Esha Momeni, 28, a dual U.S. and Iranian citizen who was visiting Iran to research a master’s thesis, may not leave the country and must still stand before a political tribunal to face charges of “acting against national security” and “propagating against the system,” said Reza Momeni, her father. Both are serious charges that can carry lengthy prison sentences.     

In a brief telephone interview, Momeni said his daughter had lost about 15 pounds but otherwise appeared to be in good health. He said he had to put up the deed to his family’s Tehran apartment as collateral to win his Los Angeles-born daughter’s release.

“I hope she will go back to L.A. soon,” he said. “But for now, the authorities told us she is forbidden to go out. Tomorrow, we will be in court, and they will tell us what the next step will be.” 










4 Responses to “Candlelight vigil for Esha (11/12/08)”

  1. […] My colleague David Blumenkrantz has a great photo and the fitting quote he read at the vigil […]

  2. Nice Picture!
    Best Wishes to Esha!

  3. i am very glad she is released. i planned to go to the vigil but unfortunately got a bad cold.
    hopefully she is able to return to the U.S. soon to finish her studies and is not discouraged from doing what she wants with her life because of this.

  4. Although I’ve never met Esha, nor did I attend the candlelight vigil, I followed the story and prayed for her release; always knowing that although people can imprision other people, ideas can never be caged. As long as people like Ehsa and David Blumenkrantz continue their life’s calling, the spirit of humanity will never be held captive. May they both continue to remind us all to appreciate the freedoms we have in this Great Country of ours. Thanks Dave.

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